Venom Definitely Says “Turd in the Wind” in the New Trailer

Sony Pictures

The new trailer for the latest “In association with Marvel” movie has been released. Sony gave us a new look at what they hope to accomplish with this new Venom movie. The film will focus on Eddie Brock and as far as we can tell contain no direct reference to Peter Parker or Spider-Man. Brock will be portrayed by Tom Hardy who’s either very bored and cashing a check or doing an interesting performance that I can’t quite understand yet.

This trailer gives us much more an idea of who Brock is and what he stands for. We also see how him and symbiote will attempt to co-exist. I love Spider-Man and Spider-Man related things, but so far this whole project has always felt off to me. The trailer aren’t helping much to ease my fears, but take a look for yourself and tell me why i’m wrong:

Sony’s tagline for ‘Venom’ seems to be “The world has enough superheroes”. If the trailer is any indication of the film due out this fall, the world might have enough superhero movies as well. This thing looks rough and is giving out every indicator that it will be a terrible film.

There’s the fact that the voice over dialogue is so obviously stitched together from disparate parts of probably different scenes that the opening of the trailer is the aural equivalent of a ransom note. Also the Venom CGI doesn’t look quite there and we are 10 weeks from release date so its probably not getting any better. Lastly, and this cannot be ignored, Venom does make a poop joke at the end of this trailer. That happened.

On the flip side Riz Ahmed is playing what appears to be a chrome Carnage (According to the internet, his character will be called Riot). So, there’s that. This film also stars Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams & Woody Harrelson and comes October 5, 2018. God help us all.

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