Apparently There’s An ‘Urban Legend’ Reboot In The Works?

urban legend
Image Courtesy of Columbia Pictures/TriStar

Withe everything and anything getting remade, rebooted, recontextualized or whatever, under the sun, you only need to wait for your favorite existing property to be next. Or in some cases, 3rd favorite horror film from the 90’s. Faster than you can yell “Jared Leto”, watch out, as Urban Legend is the latest film to find its way through revamp turn style.

Deadline has the exclusive story that Colin Minihan will be helming and writing a new film called Urban Legend. Minihan, if the name isn’t familiar, is the man behind It Stains The Sand Red and Grave Encounters. He garnered some attention back in 2018, when his film, What Keeps You Alive made an impression at SXSW. While the article doesn’t implicitly state this is a reboot, you can easily connect the dots. The original was a Columbia and TriStar picture, where as the new one is set up at Screen Gems. The common denominator bring that those are all now subsidiaries of Sony. Then there’s this telling tweet:

As for the plot itself? It’s about what you’d expect. Here’s how Deadline describes the layout of the new film:

“[Urban Legend] will introduce an iconic new slasher for the digital age in a world where internet urban legends are born and move at a terrifying pace. The movie will center on a diverse cast of college students as they navigate a series of bizarre deaths that resemble urban legends linked to the darkest corners of social media.”

Are you excited for a new Urban Legend film? Do you hold a special fondness for any of the 3 previous films? What urban legend, from the past decade, would you like to see featured in this? Let us know your the space below. Casting is currently under way, so once we know more, expect another article. For now, why not revisit the 1998 original?

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