The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Sets Stage For Negan


If you turned off THE WALKING DEAD early after the mid-season finale then you missed a short but significant scene that will play heavily into the series moving forward.

It was announced a couple weeks ago that Jeffery Dean Morgan would be playing one of the most devious villains in THE WALKING DEAD universe. Negan.

While Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are driving back to what remains of Alexandria they are greeted rather rudely by a group of self-proclaimed bad asses on motorcycles parked in the middle of the road. They demand their truck, their weapons, their candy, their porn, and even their emergency napkins, stating “Everything now belongs to Negan!”


For anyone that follows the comics this should give you chills. No telling how true they will be with the character or his actions that occur in the comics – but one thing is for sure – shit is about to get crazy when Negan becomes a staple on the weekly show.

Negan is the most vicious villain in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic books so far, and he’s also the most successful one, posing an even bigger threat to Rick and his crew than The Governor. Armed with a barb-wired baseball bat named “Lucille” Negan is the leader of The Saviors, a group of about 50-70 men who act as something akin to the post-apocalyptic mafia: They provide protection in exchange for payment, in this case, half of what everybody else owns, hence the demand from Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham their truck and weapons.

We will have to wait and see how this develops when season 6 picks up in February 2016.

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