Nothing Brings Family Together Quite Like A Robot Apocalypse, In The First ‘Connected’ Trailer

Image Courtesy Of Sony Pictures Animation

At this point, if the names Phil Lord & Chris Miller are attached to a project, it gets put on high alert. They have a knack for taking properties that shouldn’t work as movies and become instant classics. The Lego Movie. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. 21 Jump Street. That’s a good list in and of itself. Now, armed with the clout and cash that comes from those success & an Oscar for producing Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, they’re back tossing money at an idea that shouldn’t work. That film is Connected, from Gravity Falls‘ Mike Rianda and today we have the first trailer.

No need for an official synopsis here, as, well, it’s self-explanatory, with the footage above.

Connected looks the right amount of cute, insane and irreverent. So, you can easily see why Lord & Miller wanted to be involved. Then there’s the voice cast that includes Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Abbi Jacobson & Olivia Colman. If there’s one miscalculation (at least given the current state of the world) it would be the hygine joke. Outside of that, there’s a lot to enjoy here. From the poppy colors, creative design to the world and the novel twist. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a robotic uprising in the middle of their family road trip film?

Did you like the trailer? Were you thrown for a look when the family was flying through the air, taking down robots? Have you seen an episode of Gravity Falls before? Is Robopocalyse ever going to actually be adapted to the big screen? Tell us down in the comments! Connected is a fall release, so there’s sure to be a number of teaser and TV spots between now and then. Hopefully they don’t give too many jokes away. Everyone will get a chance to find out and prepare for our new robot overlords, when it descends into theaters, on September 18th.

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