2015 YEAR IN REVIEW: Our Favorite Podcasts

If you are like me sometimes you need a little something extra to get you through your work day or that long road trip. I often turn to podcast to laugh, cry then laugh again, then wonder what I am doing with my life. So I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite podcast that don’t include solving a murder mystery each week. Enjoy these recommendations as you hit the road this holiday season.


Formerly know as Comedy Deathray, Scott Auckerman & James Adomian have created a comedy powerhouse with his podcast Comedy Bang Bang on the Earwolf network. So much so that it is now featured as a TV show on IFC featuring interviews and sketches. Full circle. Some of my favorite comedians make regular appearances on the fully improvised show. Paul F Tompkins (SPONTANEANATION, SUPEREGO), Lauren Lapkus (JURASSIC WORLD, WITH SPECIAL GUEST) and Jason Mantzoukas (THE LEAGUE, HOW DID THIS GET MADE) just to name a few. I also discovered the wonderfully weird Reggie Watts who wrote the intro music for the podcast. His current gig is band leader on James Corden’s Late Show on CBS.


Just two American Americans trying to save American from itself. Join Seth Romatelli and Johnatha Larroquette as they discuss the ish-shoes that plague America today with their own unique paranoia and insightful analysis. (yes the son of that John Larroquette of Night Court fame.) Listed as one of the top ranked comedy podcast on iTunes and ranked in the top 5 of Rolling Stones podcasts to watch. They did it all without ever having any celebrity guest make an appearance. I have been following their antics since around 2010 and the show just continues to get better. Recently the guys have been doing more live shows so be sure to check out a show if they make it to your neck of the woods. Seatbelts.



The Frotcast is hosted by Film Drunk boss hogg Vince Mancini and friends. They provide a unique spin on pop-culture, squirrels and movies. They also took on the dubious task of creating a Juggalo documentary that can be found on Hulu.com. Often joined by up and coming comedians it rarely disappoints. This podcast has introduced me to one of my favorite rising comedians, Matt Lieb, based in San Fran.



PAUL F. TOMPKINS show is a completely improvised show, from monologue to interview to narrative sketch. Join Paul, his special guests, his incredibly talented improviser friends, and accompanist Eban Schletter for an hour of comedy that none of them ever see coming.




You might know her from Orange is the New Black or Jurassic World but I know her from Earwolf’s Comedy Bang Bang podcast. After doing several popular character’s on Auckerman’s podcast, Lapkus got her own spinoff podcast with a brilliant premise that is explained in her theme song. “She the host but she’s really a guest, but the guest is a host so she’s not really the host it’s with special guest….Lauren Lapkus! Where the host is somebody else!” She gets to play a new character on each episode along with her guest. Confused yet? Just listen to the show!




THE HORRAY SHOW – Hosted by Horatio Sanz

HOW DID THIS GET MADE – Hosted by Paul Scheer




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