Adrian Torres


REVIEW: Julieta

After stumbling with a film that was over the top by even his standards (2013's I'm So Excited!), Pedro Almodovar returns to the female-centric well that helped establish him as one of the world's foremost directors. His new feature is anchored by th... Read More...

REVIEW: Patriots Day

The biggest issue one can face, when adapting a true story into a feature film, is to make the characters of the story less interesting or less sympathetic than their real counterparts. Far worse than this is creating a fictional character to be your... Read More...

REVIEW: Silence

For nearly 30 years Martin Scorsese had a dream. It was a simple dream, done complexly. He wished for the chance to adapt the beloved novel Chinmoku by Shusaku Endo for the screen. His hidden desire was to once again examine his relationship with rel... Read More...

REVIEW: Saving Banksy

The cross section between art and commerce has always been a contemptuous relationship. Long the question has raged of "how can one truly create art, if they are doing so solely out of intent to profit?" Furthering this divide even more, is the world... Read More...

REVIEW: A Monster Calls

The titular monster of A Monster Calls is that of a giant yew tree, sprung to terrifying life with what appears to be magma flowing through its roots. At least that's the form that directly appears to young Connor (newcomer, but soon to be household ... Read More...
Adrian Torres

Adrian Torres


Dubbed "The Man No Movie Can Kill", Adrian welcomes with open arms all those films you refuse to watch. Once he presses play, there is no going back. Member of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle.